Into The Wild I go

There’s always something refreshingly new about nature. And if you’re lucky—like I was today, you just might find that often, nature has more to reveal to you than anything you could ever possibly imagine. Earlier today, my wandering muse led my petite legs through a path into the wild, showing me layers and layers of beauty embedded in the most seemingly insignificant affairs of nature.

Camouflage Affair

I wandered, learning from the tiniest insect whose survival depends on an insignificant twig, a rotten foliage in an inseparable union with the earth, a blossoming flower whose awaiting its pollinating suitors, a flowing stream underneath heaps of brown mud and sunbows radiating many shades of luminescence beauty.

Brown Beauty

Then I found my lips parting in a whisper
How do I take part in all of these?
A rhetoric, Yes
But, No. Mother Nature gave an answer
Be careful what you ask for, human. For in this world, taking part means no turning back.
Then I smiled. And unto her I made a plea
Take me. Even deeper into the wild…


Thursday. 12:45 Noon. Ibadan, Nigeria.





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