Making Patterns at 2 a.m.

I wake up soaked in sweat. It’s 2 a.m. I hear some noise from the kitchen—where the bogeyman in my dream lives. Tea… I want cold tea! I crawl out of bed dazedly. The ground beneath my feet isn’t as hard as it should be.  I look around. My room isn’t painted in black as it is in my dream. I hear a loud bang. It’s from the kitchen. This has got to stop. No bogeyman should scare me like that. I take my first step as I stand. The second, third and fourth steps take me to the living room. It’s dark. Very dark. I try to put on the light. The switch isn’t where it’s supposed to be. I walk on slowly and suddenly find myself in the kitchen. The fridge is open. Its power light brightens the kitchen a bit. I find the switch ahead of me and press it on. Nothing seems amiss except for a trail of bean grains on the floor. I’m suddenly hungry for food. I take out a pack of spaghetti, red pepper, tomatoes and onions. I sit on the floor and begin to make PATTERNS.

Swirl 2Swirl 2b

Swirl 3

Swirl 3b

swirl 5b

swirl 6b







Happy Signs on a Lonely Ranch



Despite their full promising days, there is usually an odd feeling that gives me the shivers whenever the -ember months approach. The reasons for this, of course, are not far-fetched. First, of the four -ember months, one must definitely usher me into a remembrance of my birth, a happy moment usually short-lived as I also have to celebrate the exit of a beloved mother. Second, as much as I love Christmas celebrations, the anxiety of the New Year often make me a worrier such that I barely notice when the Christmas trees are decorated and lit up until late in the first half month of the new year when the trees have served their purposes and are about to be taken down.

But walking on a lonely ranch last afternoon and seeing some of these very happy signs, I can confidently affirm that this year is surely ending on a blissful note for me (and I hope it does for you too!)

But what are these signs that I’m so excited about?

First… Clean clear paths


Normally on an afternoon like yesterday’s, the ranch I visited (which is nested somewhere between my neighborhood’s estate) would be busy with people—mostly wanderers like me who I’d have to share these paths with. But for some reason(s), I only met  a clean clear path that stretched before me and beckoned to be marked with my footsteps.

Path 2


Colorful Butterflies…

Butterflies? Yes, butterflies. These very beautiful and colorful creatures seemed to have been stalking me for days. But yesterday, they flew right to where I was brooding alone and simply took over my entire evening! I wouldn’t say I’ve not seen many of this breed in my lifetime, but never have I been so happy to witness such an interesting moment live! And to think I was also allowed to intrude and take a shot of them? Well, it’s definitely gonna be colorful -ember months and a New Year!



So while I’m basking in the euphoria of the four promising months that end this year, allow me to also wish and usher you all into a blissful September, October, November and December!



With Love from Abuja

Abuja, the Capital city of Nigeria, is known for many things. Aside the fact that it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities that Nigeria boasts of, this ‘city of varieties’ remains the place to go when you’re NOT only interested in relieving stress but also in dire need of fine treats for body and soul. And not to also mention that just because you’ve decided to visit Abuja, you’re only a half ticket away from dining with the First Man in his very magnificent Aso Villa… (LOL!)

So, a while ago I visited this delightful city courtesy of the Association of Nigerian Authors’ 35th Anniversary International Convention – a four day event in celebration of Nigerian Authors, books and art. And you can guess that from the very moment I stepped into the city, all I wished was to stay for more than four days. If not for anything, at least to explore the very carefully planned city whose beautiful landscape I’ve only heard and read so much about. And so when it occurred to me that the program of event included an itinerary marked for the second day, I literally danced in the air and got my curiosity tools ready.


A fifteen minute drive from Garki, the main venue of the event was all it took to get to our first destination – the Writers’ Village at Mpape. And with the very large mass of land awaiting ultramodern residences for writers, well, let’s just say that the present and future days of Nigerian writers are glorious.


The second tour which was also my best experience was our visit to the Art & Crafts Village at Wuse. Here, there was much to feed the eyes on: baskets, raffia, sculptures, paintings, African textiles in different colourful shades of prints and patterns were all on display for sale and fancy. And since I wasn’t about to miss out of appreciating art the best way I could, I jumped to work without any caution. But unfortunately, I had barely started to click away when a familiar honk blared its signal to cart away its faithfuls, among whom I belonged.




“But we just got here!” I heard a woman scream to the air. She had sat behind me in the bus and had boasted to buy the entire Crafts Village to everyone who cared to listen. We both exchanged sad glances and as if choreographed, marched together to the symphony of another impatient blare.

Later that evening, while in a company of a colleague who never takes anything serious to heart, I lend my frustrations a voice.

“You won’t believe that I had barely taken two pictures when that driver honked for us to leave!”

 “Take it easy girl. Count that one too all joy and part of your Abuja experience.”

With such a not so comforting comment, all I could do was frown into the night and swear at my notepad as I managed to write this post.

Into The Wild I go

There’s always something refreshingly new about nature. And if you’re lucky—like I was today, you just might find that often, nature has more to reveal to you than anything you could ever possibly imagine. Earlier today, my wandering muse led my petite legs through a path into the wild, showing me layers and layers of beauty embedded in the most seemingly insignificant affairs of nature.

Camouflage Affair

I wandered, learning from the tiniest insect whose survival depends on an insignificant twig, a rotten foliage in an inseparable union with the earth, a blossoming flower whose awaiting its pollinating suitors, a flowing stream underneath heaps of brown mud and sunbows radiating many shades of luminescence beauty.

Brown Beauty

Then I found my lips parting in a whisper
How do I take part in all of these?
A rhetoric, Yes
But, No. Mother Nature gave an answer
Be careful what you ask for, human. For in this world, taking part means no turning back.
Then I smiled. And unto her I made a plea
Take me. Even deeper into the wild…


Thursday. 12:45 Noon. Ibadan, Nigeria.